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Barcelona is a wonderful city to live in - it has so many great attractions, beautiful buildings and architecture, nice parks, beaches, mountains and of course the many nice restaurants. Most of all it has it's great people - you meet large variety of people in Barcelona. The local Catalans, Spanish from other regions of Spain, immigrants from South and Middle America and a lot of international people living and working in Barcelona(like myself) - a combinations that gives the city it's special vibe.

For a photographer Barcelona is an amazing place - Barcelona is the second most photographed city in Europe, only Rome is photographed more.

Barcelona's beautiful girls!

All girls on this website are girls I have photographed in Barcelona. Most of the girls live in Barcelona and could be someone I have meet in the metro, in the street or on the beach. Some of the girls have never done a photo shoot before, others are part or full time models and some are visitors from out of town. All photos are shot in Barcelona and beauties you could meet in the streets of Barcelona.

Who am I?

Originally I'm from Odense, Denmark, the city of the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, who actually visited Barcelona in 1862. Like Andersen, I want to tell you a story and create feelings, not through words, but through images. I have been in Barcelona four years now and have to say that it's a great place to live! I fully enjoy life here - the beaches, the food, the city and it's people!

Want to do a shoot together?

If you are interested in doing a photo shoot with me please let me hear from you. You don't need to be an experienced model - if you think you fit well here with the other beauties of Barcelona contact me!

Please contact me here!

- Kenneth Svendlund
+34 722 38 65 45
Barcelona, Spain

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